Everything to know about Deals.Deals Category

Deals are the successful leads that pass through a pre-defined pipeline. Deal has different stages and operations based on which the developer can consume the below endpoints as per the business requirements.

Browse DealsGETAll deals are retrieved as per the user security access.LIVE
Add DealPOSTThis endpoints provision adding a new deal into the Samdock system.LIVE
Read DealGETRetrieves a deal based on the provided id.LIVE
Edit DealPATCHA deal details can be altered through this endpoint. Only specific fields referred in the request body will be entertained.LIVE
Delete DealDELETEDeal can be deleted by consuming this endpoint under Deals micro services.LIVE
Change Deal StagePATCHA deal passes through several stages through its lifetime. This endpoints enables consumer to change deal stage based on provided details.LIVE
Demote Lead DealPATCHA lead can be demoted to previous stage through this endpoint.LIVE
Archive DealPATCHA deal, if failed can be archived by using this endpoint.LIVE
Reopen DealPATCHAn archived or closed deal can be reopened through this endpoint.LIVE
Change Deal BudgetPATCHDeal budget is bound to change as it progresses. Consumer can utilize this endpoint to perform deal budget related changes.LIVE
Change Decision MakerPATCHA deal decision maker can be switched as it moves on .This process is carried out using this endpoint.LIVE
Change Budget HolderPATCHThis endpoint alters the budget holder if required.LIVE
Change Customer RequirementPATCHCustomer requirement changes as the deals progresses. This endpoint enables developers to change customer requirements which is usually specified in a single string based value.LIVE
Change Deal TimingPATCHDeal timing can be altered through this endpoint.LIVE