Request Sources

Channeling Inbound requests.

This category handles the inbound requests for form and API submissions.

Read Inbound SourcesGETTo retrieve all incoming source details using this endpoint.Live
Add Inbound SourcePOSTThis endpoint enables developer to post a new inbound source request through form or API submissions.Live
Read Inbound Source by IDGETTo retrieve specific incoming source details through reference id.Live
Edit Inbound Source by IDPATCHAny existing inbound source's details can be edited through this endpoint.Live
Delete Inbound Source by IDDELETEUsed to delete an inbound source.Live
Get JS Snippet by IDGETThis endpoint provide special snippet with form for outside sources.Live


JS Snippet

To see how this works, you can simply

  • Go to [](Dev Samdock Inbound Sources).
  • Create a new source copypaste code provided at the bottom right at the .
  • This will provide a form.
  • Once you submit it with any detail, It will create a draft which will be available at