Everything you need to know about Deals.Leads Category.

A lead is the initial point of contact that has a tendency to get converted into a deal for any customer. All Lead's related operations are managed through endpoints falling under this category.

Browse LeadsGETAll leads are retrieved using this endpoints as per the assigned security rights to the user.LIVE
Add LeadPOSTA new lead can be added to the Samdock by using this endpoint.LIVE
Browse Leads and DealsGETThis endpoint retrieves the leads and its successive deals.LIVE
Edit LeadPATCHThe existing leads can be edited using this endpoint.LIVE
Delete LeadDELETEThe leads if not required, can be deleted using this endpoint.LIVE
Qualify LeadPATCHIf a lead is to be qualified into a successful deal, this endpoint handles the qualification process.LIVE
Demote a deal to a leadPATCHThere are cases when a deal needs to be demoted back into a lead in order to change terms and condition. This endpoint is used to perform this operations.LIVE
Promote LeadPATCHThis endpoint is used to promote a lead to next stage.LIVE
Change Lead BudgetPATCHA lead budget can be altered using this endpoint.LIVE
Change Decision MakerPATCHA lead ownership can be transferred from one decision maker to another through this endpoint.LIVE
Change Budget HolderPATCHThis endpoint is used to edit the lead budget holder.LIVE
Change Customer Requirement ]PATCHCustomer requirement changes as the lead progresses. This endpoint enables developers to change customer requirements which is usually specified in a single string based value.LIVE
Change Lead TimingPATCHLead timing can be altered through this endpoint.LIVE
Archive LeadPATCHIn case the lead fails to get processed, it can always be archived by using this endpoint.LIVE
Reopen LeadPATCHA lead can be reopened by using this endpoint.LIVE
Relate Person To LeadPOSTA lead can have any number of related persons involved in its dealing. This endpoints provides a way for consumer to add a related person.LIVE
Unrelate Person from LeadDELETETo disassociate a person from a lead, developer can use this method.LIVE
[Update Contact.Person's Lead by ID]
PATCHThis method is used to update person details associated with a lead.LIVE
[Delete Contact.Person's Lead by ID]
DELETEThis method is used to delete a lead based on the provided person and lead id.LIVE
[Relate Organization To Lead}
POSTFurther up the level, a lead can be associated with an organization. This process is managed through this endpoint.LIVE
[Unrelate Organization To Lead]
DELETEAn organization can be disassociated with the lead by using this endpoint.LIVE