Microservices Environment

A peak over available Samdock Microservices environments for the developers.

Samdock Microservices has support for two environments - Staging and Production. Each environment has one or more base URLs, defined as shown below:

Staging Microservices

Staging microservices are usually used throughout this documentation, where developers can test out their application by directly interacting with our staging environment.


Production Microservices



JWT Token

JWT Authentication tokens for both Staging and Production Microservices can be obtained through.

Details are covered within the Authentication section.


Switching Environments

In order to allow users to test our products, endpoints on this documentation point to the staging environment (URL: https://stage.samdock.app). Once you obtain the JWT token for the production environment post app development, you must switch the URLs of endpoints to Production environment (URL: https://samdock.app)