Handling organization and tenant related operations.

This category provides developer the endpoints to handle business contacts related operations.

Read OrganizationsGETTo retrieve an array of all organizations object.Live
Add OrganizationsPOSTThis endpoint is used to add a new organization into the system.Live
Delete OrganizationsDELETEUsed to delete multiple organization data through a single call by providing specific id's.Live
Read Organization by IDGETThis provides developer to extract the Organization details by reference id.Live
Edit Organization by IDPATCHDeveloper can use this endpoint to alter the organization details.Live
Delete Organization by IDDELETEThis endpoint helps to delete the organization data.Live
Change Organization Logo by IDPUTBusiness contact logo can be edited through this endpoint.Live
Delete Organization Logo by IDDELETEThis endpoint enables developer to delete the organization logo for the organization.Live