Deals and Leads pipeline management through Deals.Pipelines Category

All leads and deals pass through a pipeline which helps visualize your sales process to predict revenue and identify roadblocks. This is a process to keep track of all ongoing leads and deals related activities.

Browse PipelinesGETAll pipelines are retrieved as per the user security access.LIVE
Add PipelinePOSTThis endpoints provision adding a new pipeline into the Samdock system.LIVE
Edit PipelinePATCHA pipeline details can be altered through this endpoint. Only specific fields referred in the request body will be entertained.LIVE
Remove PipelineDELETEPipeline can be deleted by consuming this endpoint.LIVE
Change Pipeline Stage NamePATCHA pipeline stage name is editable using this endpoint. There are multiple stages under a single pipeline.LIVE
Remove Pipeline StageDELETEA stage can be removed from a pipeline using this endpoint.LIVE
Change Stage PositionPUTEach stage in a pipeline is positions as per its purpose. Altering the position can be done using this endpoint.LIVE
Add Pipeline StagePOSTA new pipeline stage can be added into the pipeline. This endpoint handles the stage addition to the pipeline.LIVE
Sort Stage DealPATCHSorting the stages post adding news one requires this endpoint to be executed.LIVE