Accessing the Samdock Microservices

All Basics you need to know about Samdock Microservices to Get Started

Samdock API

The Samdock Microservices is organized around REST that allows authorized clients to manage persons, organization, activities and handle all relevant product related feature set. Our Microservices has predictable resource-oriented URLs, accepts form-encoded request bodies, returns JSON-encoded responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs.


You can use the Samdock Microservices in test mode, which does not affect the live data or interact with the production environment. The API key you use to authenticate, and the API URL request determines whether the request is a live mode or test mode.

Samdock Microservices

Currently, Samdock has 4 major microservices offered to its consumer that can be used as needed. Almost every business requirement functionalities are covered under the endpoints offered within the microservices.


Microservices Updates

We are constantly working to keep on upgrading our microservices to ensure seamless features to the consumers.

ContactThe Contact Microservice manages the base data of the end-customers within our product. Samdock users can create new Persons and Organizations that they do business with and keep their information up to date.
AttachmentAll files/document-related processes that occur within the business use cases are carried out using Attachments Microservice. Users belonging to Persons or Organization groups have access to these microservice to carry out their business cases.
ActivitiesEndpoints under Activities Microservices provides developers to manage and receive the activity stream alongside handling logging persons and organization's activities throughout the system.
DealsDeals Microservices enable the consumer to manage their business opportunities like leads and deals, alongside organizing them over the pipelines.