Request Type

Samdock Microservices HTTPS request support is limited to a subset of RFC 2616.


Always Check Header

Never access the response body without confirming over the HTTP Response Header first.

Request TypeSupportedDescription
GETYesUsed for retrieving a collection or single resource

e.g. Read Organizations, Read Persons.
POSTYesUsed to create a new record.

e.g. Add Person , Add Organizations.
DELETEYesUsed to delete a specified record

e.g. Delete Persons, Delete Organization by ID.
PATCHYesUsed to update any existing record.

e.g. Edit Person by ID, Add Last Seen Status
PUTYesUsed to replace an entire resource rather than just updating a single field as done in PATCH

e.g. Change Tenant Logo by ID

Creating Entities with PATCH

Some of the Samdock Microservices has a tendency to create new entities if the passed id does not exist within our system. Here is the list of endpoints that has entity creation implemented over PATCH methods.

Response Codes

Samdock Microservices documentation does not include every possible result for each microservice. It is advised to view individual microservice for specific results associated with a given endpoint and assume there is a wide range of possible responses available for operations. This includes authorization failures, format issues, or platform-related operational issues.

Success Responses

Request successes are returned with HTTP status codes starting with 2xx. Below is a partial list of responses.

HTTP ResultResultDescription
200SuccessThe request was successful.

Failure Responses

Request errors are returned with HTTP status codes starting with 4xx and server errors are starting with 5xx codes.


Checking Error Codes

The developer shall ensure to handle appropriate application flows as per the Error Response Codes.

Same HTTP error codes are expected based on similar errors as depicted in the below list.

HTTP ResultResultDescription
401FailureUnauthorized error or Token expired. User need to generated token.
501Server ErrorServer processor error. The user is advised to contact the Samdock Support.


Additional HTTP Result Codes

Other standard HTTP errors may be generated by our stack and not directly from our API. Here are the categories of possible Standard HTTP response codes.

1xx: Communication transfer protocol-level information.

2xx: This indicates that the client's request was accepted successfully.

3xx: Indicates that the client must take some additional action to complete their request.

4xx: This category of error status codes points to the clients.
Client Error

5xx: This category of error is related to server exceptions due to an internal incapability to perform the request. The user is advised to contact the Samdock Support.
Server Code

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