Technology Stack

Technology Stack to build the Microservices

Samdock Microservices are built keeping in view the user security, performance, and scalability to provide maximum throughput. Here is the technology stack we have used.

NestJS: Server-Side Microservices

NestJS is an open-source, extensible, versatile, progressive Node.Js framework for creating compelling and demanding backend systems.


The primary purpose to use NestJS are:

  • It leverages TypeScript - strongly typed language which is a superset of JavaScript
  • Powerful Command Line Interface (CLI) to boost productivity and ease of development
  • Active codebase development and maintenance
  • Support for dozens of nest-specific modules that helps to easily integrate with common technologies and concepts like TypeORM, Mongoose, GraphQL, Logging, Validation, Caching, WebSockets, and much more
  • Effective unit-testing applications
  • Created for Monoliths and Micro-services

EventStore: Database

EventStoreDB is an open-source database technology that stores critical data in streams of immutable events. It was built from the ground up for Event Sourcing specifically. Event Sourcing offers some great benefits over state-oriented systems.