How Samdock Works

An overview of how Samdock works

Samdock is designed to capture the flow of your business using requests, leads and deals. Here is an overview of how a user passes through Samdock CRM to work over the leads and sales.


This is how our CRM looks like!


Samdock App

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Connect Web Forms with Samdoc

Use our form builder to seamlessly generate new leads! Simply customize it and embed it on your website. Any future changes are automatically applied to your website. Customize your double-opt-in emails right from the form builder


Review your incoming requests

All submissions to your forms are shown under Incoming Requests. You can decide how you want to handle each request, delete spam, and send them into your sales pipeline as leads.


Qualify New Leads

On the leads view, are all of your potential new opportunities. Watch your leads qualify themselves as you add information! This keeps uncertainty away from your final deal pipeline.


Time to Kick-off Deals

Once your lead is nurtured, qualified, and they’re ready for an offer, it’s time to craft them a good deal. Pick a user with enough capacity and drag the lead to them to assign it to their deal board.


Win deals

Track deals along your customized sales & offering pipeline. In each deal, you can add positions to track the value of each offer more precisely.